Tuesday, January 29, 2008

tweaked ever so slightly

I have a good number of new paintings I need to upload soon enough...maybe tomorrow?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Some new paintings

We're suppose to do a painting a day, here are some of the first few I did..One is too big to scan right now.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Where do you get your information from?"

This was a project for my conceptual practices class. We were asked "where do you get your information from?" and were told to make a piece that answers the question.

My answer was through encounter, and by encounter ultimately experience. I didn't want to create a piece about a specific circumstance, that would be too limited, therefore I strove to create a piece that really could be anything, and really capitalize on the process of producing "just anything".

I used a real number randomizer that uses atmospheric noise to generate numbers, and applied those numbers to different numbered objects. I picked and numbered 300 objects, but only used 100 of them. I let the randomizer choose 100 numbers between 1-300, and then picked those objects to be used and applied in my process. I also took 100+ verbs from different sources and randomized them, aswell as 100+ adverbs from different sources and randomized those. I then took the time frame of 4 hours and had time intervals of twos randomized, and put them all together in the chart above. After all this was organized I performed and recorded 50 of the above acts.

These were some of the objects I chose..

For the final display i put my video of my process where the actions took place and played it on loop. I set all the extra objects back on the table, and left the not-yet acted objects in line of order leading into the space I used. I thought having the video play in the room was a good idea, because it lets people know that this is the focus of the piece and something they should take note of.

some of the objects in the bathroom
a ceiling tile..

I wanted to show as much of process as possible, with many hints along the way. On the object table i set out the "object key", and by the monitor I had my used and marked list of actions.

I'll post the full video with the entire process of numbering and choosing once it's done uploading. You'll also see Sarah Valdez through most of it, because she helped me execute at least 50% of this huge project.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I forgot these

I did these over break as well...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Haley Joe Osman

This is just really funny..
While in NY we saw Haley Joe Osman (the kid from the sixth sense) eating at the same cafe as us, and before he walked out the door i tried to do a super quick blind contour of him, which turned out looking pretty much just like a lamb.

Dual heads

So far this has been my favorite self portrait. I did it with my eyes closed, really focusing my attention on each part of my face as if I were touching it. This drawing really reflects the view I had of myself when I drew it.


This is one of my favorite drawings. While I was at the Moma I was doing some Blind Contours of other artist's pieces, then drawing out the name written on the plaque. With this one I decided to draw out the entire text on this certain plaque (which was actually really painstaking and ended up being super exhausting). My objective was not to write, but to draw, to see the letters abstractly through occupied and negative space, as well as form.

Ironically, after doing so, i came across the work of Leon Ferrari, a still living artist who did a lot of the same thing during the 70's. His drawing caught my eye immediately, i really was drawn to the line qualities and mark making. I then read that he had some similar objectives as me, which sort of made me laugh. I've been beat by 40 years.

NYC sketchbook

I wanted to focus on really pumping out some blind contours during this trip, and also wanted to experiment with some different line weights and colors.

Film exercise

While in New York a couple of my friends and I went to see I am Legend, and during the entire movie (however long it was, an hour and a half?) i continuously made a responsive mark. At times it was almost meditative, while at other times it was purely responsive and expressive.

French Story Board

Here's the second frame from my four panel story board.
The story is about a fat man who goes on a walk through a park with his fat pet slug. The slug gets out of control and starts attacking the food, and the man accidentally kills his pet my shoving it into the salt encrusted popcorn bag.

French Revised

This is the revised version of the 'tourist postcard' i did for French. I changed the colors and focused on some selective contrast.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

French Album Cover - Accordion Music

I for some reason am unable to upload the two other things I did for her in Illustrator..but I'll try and figure that out and post them soon...